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Incredible Edible Todmorden Green Route

3rd Jul 2014,Tanya

The Green Route Map of Todmorden is a great way of showing visitors our growing ...

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The A to Z of happy volunteers

6th Jun 2014,Tanya

Scores of useful tips gather from Incredible Edible Groups across the UK to ...

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Power to Change

4th Jun 2014,Tanya

£150 million grants to be awarded to community enterprises. The support ...

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Tanya , 28th Jul 2014
The free event, on Saturday October 25th will be opened by Incredible Edible Co-founder Pam Warhurst and will feature expert led workshops &...
Paul Scott-Bates , 24th Jul 2014
  We decided to put it in the heart of the area which contains five hexagonal seaters each housing a fruit tree and assorted fruit plants....

Hi Sahira,

I hope this isn't too late! What age/key stage are you working with and what sort of topics do you want to cover?

Hi Sunny

I have upgraded your account and the group is now listed in the directory so all should be working now.

The site doesn't allow for multiple accounts from one email and when you initially sign up, thats when you can tick 'accredited' group which allows you to post bits and pieces.

My email does suffer from overload but I should generally be contactable via misstanyawall@gmail.com


Tanya, I am signed in as Sunny Soleil, I even have a 'sign out' at the top of my page. I am trying to register on the forum to ask a question about how we get Edible Eastbourne into the Incredible Edible Network.

When I go to register on the forum via the click here link I get "Access denied - click her to register. I am being sent round in circles. Please can you help. sunnypeta@gmail.com

Ah that's brilliant news, thank you! It's very slowly growing :) will certainly stay in touch x

Hi IE Dumfries,

Ditto all that from Nick ... soooo many allotments are roadside too.

We wash & go in Wilmslow too,



more on this discussion can be found on our Facebook page

Hi there

I have do think your wonderful work has gone unheeded, I popped it on Facebook and it had a great response :)


Hi there

welcome to our growing family! We've had a great response to a post about you on Facebook - in fact one of our best yet. So please keep in touch and let us know how you get on x


There used to be concern about pollution by lead from petrol fumes however now that we have had lead free petrol for some time I don't believe this is a danger.

Hi there

We get this alot but the worry here is not well founded because.....

1)we breathe the stuff daly, theres a very thin line between whats in our lungs and our blood,

2) There used to be lead in petrol, not any more

3) when you go for a drive in the country, what is allongside the road? food growing! Whats on the fields? tractors spewing out exhaust

4) W.H.O advice is wash food, its surface contamination at worst.

5) if anyone were proposing to live long term on a diet of roadside food maybee it would be an issue, but at propaganda levels?