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Incredible Edible Brighouse: April newsletter

7th Apr 2014,Editorial

How to grow spuds, fab recipes and volunteer opportunties are all wrapped up in ...

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The Latest Incredible Edible Presentation

1st Apr 2014,Pam Warhurst

  Pam's latest presentation on the Power of Small Actions, with slides ...

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Top Tip: Ask shops for rubbish!

24th Mar 2014,Johnsonfold community action group

When out shopping consider what rubbish the shop your in may be throwing away ...

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Maria Thornton , 11th Apr 2014
Tarland Community Garden - Blog post on Northern Polytunnels http://bit.ly/1hDp3Oo
Tanya , 10th Apr 2014
Its always a wonder when something you have talked about and envisaged for a long time actually comes to life. This is even more so when an...

Ah that's brilliant news, thank you! It's very slowly growing :) will certainly stay in touch x

Hi IE Dumfries,

Ditto all that from Nick ... soooo many allotments are roadside too.

We wash & go in Wilmslow too,



more on this discussion can be found on our Facebook page

Hi there

I have do think your wonderful work has gone unheeded, I popped it on Facebook and it had a great response :)


Hi there

welcome to our growing family! We've had a great response to a post about you on Facebook - in fact one of our best yet. So please keep in touch and let us know how you get on x


There used to be concern about pollution by lead from petrol fumes however now that we have had lead free petrol for some time I don't believe this is a danger.

Hi there

We get this alot but the worry here is not well founded because.....

1)we breathe the stuff daly, theres a very thin line between whats in our lungs and our blood,

2) There used to be lead in petrol, not any more

3) when you go for a drive in the country, what is allongside the road? food growing! Whats on the fields? tractors spewing out exhaust

4) W.H.O advice is wash food, its surface contamination at worst.

5) if anyone were proposing to live long term on a diet of roadside food maybee it would be an issue, but at propaganda levels?

Great point Jo, Wakefield do fabulous school work and I hope to emulate their school map on a national level with some help from some Leeds Uni students.

I will be adding all the IE's school work onto the learning page soon.

I also want to do links to the curriculum resources out there. A growing To Do list!

Also Incredible Edible Wakefield have got some good links here: http://www.incredible-edible-wakefield.co.uk/index.cgi

Hi Sahira

check out http://www.incredibleediblenetwork.org.uk/Learning for some lovely free resources x