IE Conference 2016 - It was #incredibler!

3rd Nov 16, Tanya
From wonderful workshops to singing to worms, our 2016 Conference hit every note!

It was a day packed to the rafters with Incredible folk and incredible activities.

We were given a a warm welcome from Alison Mckenzie-Folan, Deputy Chief Executive, Wigan Council who gave us an insight to the Council’s exciting programme of incredible Activity from inspiring new groups to changing policy.

IE Ltd Chair Pam Warhurst picked up the baton with tales from across the membership as well as a vision of IE Ltd’s future and how we will be engaging all our members in the next few months.

Of course as an incredible event, members were not long in their seats and it was up to a plethora of useful and engaging workshops from IE reps, Growing Together and Locality including getting to grips with peer-mentoring, community enterprise, social media, as well as becoming an IE group and finding your way round funds. Kay from the Big Lunch also showcased how to organise a successful food event.

And following suit was an amazing festival of food courtesy of  Wigan’s own Real Junk Food Project Fur Clemt - which means 'very hungry' in local dialect.

Full of ideas and fantastic food, it was time to get down to some serious networking with member groups from as far afield as Dumfries to Ilfracombe sharing their stories and skills with like-minded folk, supporters and partner organisations.

There were also  fab demos and stands from Incredible Aqua Garden, the Incredible Edible Gift Economy Eco Farm, and Greenslate Farm.

Frank Bowman of the Eco Farm provided a pop-up workshop, demystifying the art of fruit tree propagation.

And then to the finale: a rousing singsong including a brand new, made up in the car, Incredible Edible song from IE Salford’s Jane Wood and Mike Scantlebury, who had already delighted us with their singing to worms stand!

Alas the real life wrigglers had been left at home…

So a big thanks to all that came.

Workshop resources will be posted for shortly for all to use and we will be in touch with members soon to see how we grow even more Incredibler together!!