A little bit of everything…

12th Dec 16, Tanya
Incredible Edible Ltd Director Lindsay Derbyshire tells us how her group in Ilfracombe get stuck in....

I have always grown a lot of my own vegetables and Incredible Edible has always been there as an organisation I have followed. So in November 2014, I joined IE Ilfracombe and soon started a pre-school group.

My role within the group is a little bit of everything, growing, running regular work sessions, planning & running events and marketing all that goes with the group.

We are a fairly informal group with four main regular volunteers - including myself - who oversee the day to running, with additional volunteers and attendees who come and go.

Plots and planters

Our group  looks after one main site, a large overgrown plot of land with a polytunnel, community shed, potting shed and a series of raised beds and planters.

We also have a couple of planters around town, one in the graveyard, one on the high street and one on the town boundary.

Our weekly pre-school session that meets all year round, which has been running for two years now.


As with many groups are biggest challenge is keeping the momentum and sustaining regular volunteer attendance. Out of our core group, one member is a town councillor, two are working mums with small children (including me) and one is retired. Getting time for us all to sit down together and plan what we need to do next is a very difficult challenge. We tend to just go for it independently and each oversee our own little projects.

Good pizza!

It seems to work for us, last summer we ran a workshop to make a build an earth oven, that was really good fun, and we had good results too! I do love a good pizza.

I am looking forward to our Seed Swap and Potato Day in February which we hope to become an annual event in our calendar.

 I also know so many people in our town now through the various events, work sessions we have run.

Sharing knowledge

As part of Incredible Edible Ltd, I would like to see more groups visiting other groups and sharing knowledge and experiences - finding out about other groups, learning how they do things, and what obstacles they have overcome is. I really found the regional South West meet up to be informative, and of great value.

My best advice to others would be - just go for it…start small, do a planter or two and see where it leads you!