Incredible Edible Coventry is born

Incredible Edible Coventry is born

5th Jul 2013,lolly2012
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Incredible Edible Coventry Was Born Today.!
Incredible Edible Coventry is born

We have plenty of good reasons to come together & work together for a better future and what better thing to unite us than FOOD.

The cost of our food today is beyond a joke. Getting involved with incredible edible we can take some of the strain off ourselves, save money and eat pure untainted food that is grown by local people, for local people, for no cost other than a little time spent nurturing the food that we plant.

We are organizing voluntary work party’s to go out and gorilla garden, planting food in places where the land is crying out for free food to be grown. This could be waste grounds, communal gardens, old folks homes, ect

We are not asking can we grow here we are going to grow here for the benefit of our local community, if we all get off our ass and do our bit the big corporate monsters will no longer have a place in our towns.

We aim to produce local produce and keep our trade with local farmers and other local suppliers of food bring the wealth back to our community and not to the rich corporates pocket.

The list of possibility’s are endless. Claim land, build training centers to teach our kids how to grow food and nurture livestock, how to be self sufficient an art long lost to so many.

The future we have in front of us is an abundance of free food and a new sense of community spirit that the banksters and corrupt leaders can not break.

Take action now no matter how small because, You can never under estimate what can be accomplished through the power of small actions.

So if you are in the Coventry area and you want to be a part of something incredible please drop me a message and we can hook up, seeds / spades in hand of course lolly

Any Donations of Gardening Tools, Seeds and Building Equipment will be most Gratefully received.

Incredible Edible Coventry