The Learning Plate

From plot to playground, Incredible Edible brings learning to life

Incredible Edible believes reviving our hands on knowledge of growing  food is essential for all our futures.

Schools are natural places to start with food playing an increasingly part in the curriculum. Our groups work with schools and their gardening clubs to pass on skills and get them growing. We also have groups which have actually been initiated by schools themselves and these then reach out into the community.

But of course learning doesn't end at the school gates, and groups across the country provide training through adult gardening clubs, training course and workshops such as chutney making, pickling and frugal cooking.

Some Incredible Edible groups have also kick statrted their own specialist learning services for example, the Incredible Farm, (Incredible Edible Todmorden)  the Incredible Aqua Garden (Incredible Edible Todmorden); Incredible Education (Incredible Edible Salford) and Edible Schools (Incredible Edible Bristol).