2016: Incredible year for the power of small actions

13th Dec 16, Pam Warhurst
You know that feeling when days fly past and you ask yourself "Have we had Christmas yet?" - it's been that sort of a year and I've loved every bit of it.

The family just keeps on growing, the stories just keep on coming, and with more than 120 towns and neighbourhoods, land armies of amazing people are hitting the streets with a trowel in their hand and a smile on their faces.

But this isn't about recreating a rural idol as some seriously misguided sophisticates think, it's about taking back control in whatever we we can of our lives and our future And in case this all seems cloud cuckoo look at the Incredible websites, Facebook pages and twitter feeds that reflect the revolution on the ground.

Our conference in Wigan said it all. Humour, generosity, imagination and food from Fur Clempt - the Wigan Junk Food cafe that's like no other.

This was the year Wigan Council signed up to be the first Incredible Edible council in England to adopt our three plates model. This was the year Bristol recognised their very own local food hero in Sara Venn.

This was the year Todmorden got short-listed for the best town in the country. This was the year NISA helped us launch Incredible North to bring all northern food radicals together to redefine prosperity.

This was the year I visited New Zealand, five years after their post earthquake visit to us, to see for myself Incredible Edible Geraldine, tour urban growing sites on North and South Island and meet the inspiring people of Christchurch who are using the vacant lots where before city centre buildings stood, to grow food.

I could go on but you know our story. We might only have one, but my goodness, what a story.

Happy holiday to us all. Have a good un.

Pam x