Exciting Opportunity to Work With Us!!

7th Apr 17, Sara Venn
Would you like to work with the incredible Edible Network on a short term but fascinating project?

If You Eat - You Are In!

The message of Incredible Edible has resonated with folk around the world for almost a decade.  There are now more than 100 groups in the UK, and globally the Network stretches from Canada to New Zealand.

Started in 2007, we wanted to find a way to bring people together improve their own community.  The answer was food.  Everyone understands food.  Food could get people talking; even better, it could inspire people to take action.

Starting with small herb gardens and community plots, Incredible Edible went on to back campaigns, support businesses and back the creation of learning centres at the Incredible Aqua Garden and the Incredible Farm. 

And so the three main priorities of Incredible activities were forged:


 The Community Plate  - growing produce and working together,

• The Learning Plate - providing training from field to classroom to kitchen,

• The Business Plate  - supporting local businesses to thrive and survive.


Each group differs, but with its simple edible membership criteria, there is something for everyone.

As we prepare to take the next steps on our Incredible journey, we have some big questions and the people with those answers are our network of members.  We want someone to contact them all and find out what life is like in their Incredible neck of the woods.  If you’ve got some experience of surveying a group like this before, taking a very hands on approach,  then you may be interested in this role.  You’ll already be self-employed, in order that we can get going quickly.

It’s important to us that we find someone agile and available to take on this work pretty soon.  We think there’s a maximum of 10 days work here and we’re prepared to pay £150 per day, including VAT.  Our ideal candidate will be available to work on evenings and weekends, will be tenacious and self motivated and will be focused equally on people and outcomes.

So what is it we actually want you to deliver for us?  Well…we know that there are around 120 Incredible groups out there in the UK.  We’ve already spoken to some of them but for others, they’ve been happily cracking on with life in their Incredible town or village and we haven’t really stayed in touch.  We’d like to make contact, make sure we have their contact details right, find out what they’re up to and capture some of their successes and challenges.  We’re particularly interested in finding out how our central resource team can support them going forwards, so we need to hear their thoughts on what they’d value from us, be that training, access to funding, peer to peer support or any other great ideas we haven’t thought of yet.


Once you’ve tracked down and spoken to the leaders of each group, we want you to look at some of your findings.  How do the different groups compare?  Are there noticeable differences across the regions?  What are the common issues faced by our groups and what would they long for if they had a magic wand?


We’d like your narrative of the big picture, as well as receiving an accurate and up to date spreadsheet of contact details.  If you can highlight some of the key successes and some great case studies for us too, then so much the better.


If you think this is a piece of work you’d like to get stuck into then we’d like to hear from you.  Send us your CV and a covering letter of no more than 1 side of A4 please, by 5pm on Monday 17th April.  We’ll be interviewing on Tuesday 25th April so please keep that date free or let us know if you won’t be available, so that we can make alternative arrangements.


You can send your application to [email protected] and you can drop Sarah a line at that address if you have any questions.