IncrEdible North - A tale of two boroughs

29th Jun 16, Tanya
Celebrating Incredible Medical in Rochdale and wonderful happenings in Wigan

Brilliant day. Started in Rochdale at the one year anniversary of the Incredible Medical allotment right next door to the Croft Shifa medical centre on Belfield Road ,Rochdale. 

Made possible by a combination of the council, the health centre and the landowner; delivered by the people of the area with the invaluable help of Rachel from Petrus Trust and wonderful supporters from local councillors to Rotary to name but two.

A year ago it was a scrubby bit of unloved land. Today it is loved and cared for by people of all ages and is a huge credit to the spirit of Rochdale folks who just got on and did it.
It's a public space, a learning centre and a new way to look at health.

Fast forward to the afternoon where I'm at the new library in Believe Square, Wigan where staff, volunteers and Incredible Edibles met to say hello and celebrate the beginning of a truly brave and visionary partnership.

Incredible Edible Wigan. No game plan other than our three plates and wonderful people who are willing to give it a go. Putting local food at the heart of our everyday lives and investing in a better deal for our children.

In Bloom, Billinge urban farm, community growing groups across the borough, Metrofresh the people whose job it is to get local food literally onto the plates of Wigan schools, loads of folks ,planting, in the pouring rain, the tubs outside the library as a taster for what is to follow.

A lot more edibles in front of public buildings, support for local retailers to promote local food, and some sharing of how to grow and cook the produce of the Wigan area. I've never worked with a more passionate and friendly bunch of folks. Humbling.

Delicious red currant cheesecake and broad bean falafels, all local of course, just capped off the event nicely. Then back into the wonderful Nicola's car and we're off to Scholes to meet Barbara Nettleton, one of those people you thank goodness you've had the chance to meet and I hope work with.

She takes us round the Sunshine Centre community hub home to so many community events, then off to the food beds in the heart of Scholes where food is grown for the centre again by volunteers and people who care. Borough by borough, demonstrating what we all mean by IncrEdible North.