Introducing the Incredible North!

7th Jun 16, Tanya
Maggie Moody, IN Project Coordinator gives us an insight into this exciting new project.

Hello. This introduces our special project the Incredible North (IN). Why North..? Because this resonates with the Northern Powerhouse development and its transport, devolution and regeneration plans and the associated RSA Market Towns Initiative

IN is using our  “If You Eat You’re In” ethos and commitment to small steps and minimal investment to engage strategic stakeholders and develop new partnerships using food to achieve health, wealth and happiness. 

IE Ltd Chair, Pam Warhurst said: “Can we work across a bigger territory than any individual group?  Make better links. Find out who else is using food to change their lives and link up with them. Prisons, hospitals, social landlords, whoever.

“We know our members are already doing so much work, we want to gather their stories and look to build upon their success, wth a bit of a coast to coast stretch.

“Could we work with local shops, train companies, public sector bodies to demonstrate the power of local food in creating a critical mass of people who want to invest in a kinder future?  And all this underpinned by our belief in the power of small actions.

“To which the answer is, of course we can!”

But we’re not intending to invent a new wheel! -  so, I’ll be working with Network Development Manager Tanya to find out more about what you're all up to. A starter for ten is a couple of questions about what IE means to you’re and your responses will help develop a useful overview of what members’ value. 

So please answer just two questions via our online survey or email myself [email protected] I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas.


IN wants to work with and benefit members, by:

- showcasing groups’ work with local partners

- enabling other IE groups to replicate these successful relationships

- encouraging local stakeholders to engage strategically

- offering advice, talks, and support

- encouraging  collective learning and knowledge

- giving members the scope to shape IN partners’ strategies, policies and priorities 

- allowing members to dentify and benefit from IN generated revenue opportunities