Is it Christmas? Headlines give Pam hope

2nd Jun 15, Tanya
Incredible Edible Co-Founder, Pam Warhurst tells us why the newspapers have actually made her smile....

I've just read the Independent  and it feels like its my birthday and Christmas rolled into one.

Why you ask? Has she just won the lottery? No she has not. It's so much more exciting than that. At last, after 22 years of waiting I have read the headline I have hoped for for far too long.

Leading scientists join campaign to end use of coal within 10 years. What!!! I hear you say. Has she gone completely bonkers?

No I most definitely have not.

Our whole wonderful movement was dreamed up to help us all do our little bit to build a kinder future for our children.

We may not have thought about it at the time, but we have reduced food miles, got healthier without drugs, helped people without much money eat well, found friends, and showed the powers that be what they have to do to meet us half way in this rethink of how we live.

All this, without a report or any fancy policy document. All this driven by the people on the ground, where they live for those they live with. And more than that , by having a rethink about how we do what we do, we have the power to help people at the other side of the planet that we will never meet.

But the missing link has always been the big boys meeting us half way.

We have shown our metal. We needed them to show theres.

Without a radical change in how we run our society and use the resources available to us, we are  going to hell in a hand cart.

Well maybe not those who can buy themselves out of the climate change nightmare. Can build the fences to stop others taking what they have. Can move to colder climes where life is still ok. Can buy the gizmos that will get them the techno fix.

But then, they are not the ones we are doing what we are doing, for are they? We want everyone to have a chance at living well, and kindly.

So I go back to what I said in the beginning.

People with real clout , the worlds leading scientists, are demanding we take climate change seriously and we start with a no coal future.

They demand a big push for renewable and green energy They want to see our governments push the funding in that direction. They have done the research and crunched the figures, and it can be done. We just might be able to keep that critical 2C increase in global temperatures in our sights. We have to believe we can do it.

They have called it The Global Apollo Programme. And why not?

Our kids lives are on the line!  If we could put men on the moon, we can create the technology to get rid of coal.

Make no mistake. I know we are still a million miles from getting our head in the sand politicians from stepping up to the plate and doing the right things for life on this planet but at last it doesn't feel like one hand clapping.

We are prepared to change the way we do things. To share, to try new things, to use less but live well.

So come one those of you who were elected to do right by us. Wake up and smell the coffee.