So many incredible people, so much oppportunity!

6th Mar 15, Tanya
Incredible Edible Co-founder Pam Warhurst meets some amazing folk on her travels

Busy first few months for spreading the Incredible Edible message.

Been a real mixed bag of why folks invite me to speak. Always because they love the passion and simplicity of what we do, but increasingly, because they want to apply that approach to other things they are doing.

In Monmouth , in Manchester and in Frome, students, council workers and just wonderful people have already got the message and want to do more. How can we help as a council? What can the university do to help their students and the communities they live in get the bug? Could there be more of a link between what the IE group is doing and progressive town councils like the one in Frome who have so many independents who just want to do things for their town?

Everyone has a story 
Each one of these is a story in itself, and in the next few weeks I will try to do a double hander with each of them, and to get them to tell their story on our network website. They are so inspiring.

The there's those interested in possible policy change. The RSA, Royal Society for Arts and Manufacturing, and it's fellows. They have funded my travel to go the length and breath of the country to spread the word of what towns like Todmorden are doing to build a kinder , more resilient world.  Fellows from a huge cross section of experiences and talents will be asked ' can you help and IE town near you'.

Helping hands
Again I promise to keep you posted and pass on details of those helping hands who may not be growers but could well be professionals from the media, marketing, commerce, education, and so many more, who beside living food, love us.

Then there's the events like Think, Create, Do and the Furniture Network people, who just want to get on, in whatever field they operate in and make change for the better. Fantastic, talented people who know we have a systems problem and want to work with others to try something new.

Last but by no means least, our students and learners of all ages. Since we started telling our story a couple of years ago to Manchester Uni students they have invented Incredible Edible South Manchester.

Not just growing, but making greenhouses out of bottles and really getting stuck in to the spaces in their neighbourhoods, to create propaganda gardens and share what's grown.

A future of uncertainty
Add to that the students on the Sustainable Living course at the Maharishi University in Iowa and it would not take much more for me to think , maybe it's time for me to go back to university and brush up on all that economic stuff I used to do and be a part of the debate on what sort of economic teaching we really need to prepare ourselves for a future of uncertainty.

There are many times when I just stand still and think 'where the heck am I?'. Have I still got my slippers on? Did I feed the cats?

But I do love telling everyone's story. Showing their pictures and being prepared for whatever direction the future takes me.
Never a dull moment.

Incredible Edible Frome
Incredible Edible Hulme via the Network
Think, Create, Do
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