So what's up in Wigan

22nd Jul 16, Tanya
IE founder Pam Warhurst brings us up-to-date with the Wigan story

About time I did a bit of a catch on all things Wigan. It's been a whirlwind really that came out of a clear blue sky and illustrates perfectly the difference having wonderful people who are brave and caring at the top of organisations.

Just to go back a bit, I was telling folks at a Wigan Pier event about us and the Chief Exec of Wigan Council came over with a huge smile on her face and said how brill Incredible Edible was and she would be in touch.

Within a fortnight she'd asked me over to talk to a shed load of council staff from parks to In Bloom, social landlords to public health, markets to school food,to help them understand, not what they would do to start IE in Wigan, but what they could do to change the way things were done in Wigan to help people all over the patch be IE.

A whole council that believes in the power of small actions. Took my breath away.

It's all an experiment as everything else we do is. Some things will work out, others might not but we're on the Incredible road  together, from Wigan Pier would you believe and it's mighty exciting.