Inspirational travels with Incredibles co-founder Pam Warhust

24th Jan 14, Tanya

Spoke recently in Stroud to room of people who loved local food and cared madly about the environment.

The evening was arranged by Touchstone Collaborations, the most creative and kind people.

They got a chance to share a little of our story and make a pledge, which I hope no one reading will object to.

As the evening was focussed in large part on GM Crops, I thought an Incredible Edible response might be, not the negative, but positive message around heritage seeds and seed collectors.

I just made it up I am afraid, but I thought how great it would be if we tried to grow some heritage varieties in all propaganda gardens and taught ourselves how to collect and store them, so we could just give them away for free in our towns and get a lot more really local stuff growing.

What do you think?

Something else that jumped out at me, is how many people, working in similar fields, just didn't know each other. So maybe, what we are learning about joining the dots will come in handy.

Anyway, just loved the chance to be in such a great community and as ever, just love telling our story.


Every now and again, something truly wonderful happens.

That's what I feel about meeting up with the Sunderland Housing Association, Gentoo.

They had heard our story at a few events last year, came to Todmorden and had one of Estelle'39;s legendary tours. They just loved it.

Round Christmas I was invited to meet their top team in Sunderland, and oh my god, they are truly incredible.

They get everything we do. Seeing people as a solution, reigniting community through food, helping all of their tenants to believe in the power of their own actions.

So on Tuesday, Mary and I set off to visit a number of sites they were thinking of making Incredible Edible.

Tower blocks, rent offices, secret gardens. Propaganda writ large.

But more importantly still, the things that really makes the hairs on the back of the neck stand on end, is the sheer joy of being with the people. The people who will create the edible landscapes, those who will make sure the budgets are bent to realise the dream, the story tellers and community workers. Every single one of them a local food hero.

Sunderland you're incredible already