Our incredible dream is not about the dosh - the reality of the Lottery bid.

14th Oct 14, Tanya
What you can do without money - Wimslow's welly walk

Now let's calm down. Rumours abound about this Growing Together lottery grant. What shall we do with the money? Will it corrupt our way of doing things?. Is this the end of IE as we know it?

Well lets be clear. Incredible Edible has not suddenly just got a sack of money to realise it's dreams. In fact, our dreams are all about not having to wait for a load of dosh before we start to build our kinder world.

It's the Federation of City Farms, with the support of a few like minded organisations including us, who put the successful bid together.

It's a bid I for one welcome as its all about helping groups working on local and regional food projects think about how they can do what they do without forever chasing bits of money all over the place, often in competition with other great local food groups.

It's a bid that we do have lots to say about and that's why we are round the table. Not spending it, but making sure it really does help bring about the cultural shift of self help and local opportunities to work together that we have been experimenting with for the past seven years.

I hope it allows us to spread the word that we can do a lot without waiting for the money.

I hope it opens people's eyes to our incredible edible approach.

I hope it helps us all share the great local opportunities we have grabbed to flex other people's budgets, encourage new food businesses and help bodies like local government and health providers create a framework which will help us all become more incredible much more easily.

And if we can promote some more sharing and visiting and training along the way, well, that's good enough for me.