Sow Exciting! Pam's Taste of Provence

15th Oct 14, Tanya

Met some amazing people in Grasse, Provence last week. An event putting food at the heart of our lives. There will soon be an IE Grasse so watch this space.

Besides talking about our town's incredible edible experiment, I also mentioned what's happening at our Heritage Garden with all the work Jon and others are doing.

This picture is of wonderful folks who are part of an international movement to both grow and collect traditional/ heritage plant varieties and to spread the message that seed diversity is under threat.

So, as ever, it's down to ordinary folk to protect our children's future by making sure there is lots of variety and biodiversity available for them  to enjoy.  Hence our Heritage Garden as our starter for ten.

Hoping to talk about this at our network conference soon, but basically, would be great to partner up with this group, learn how to collect across our network and get those stories out about a diverse, happy and healthy future.