Incredible Drinkable Cloughmills

28th Mar 13, Declan Donnelly

For the first two years of Incredible Edible Cloughmills, our focus was on getting people to take control by growing their own food and helping us to grow food in our community.  Then we were confronted with the realisation that some simply did just that, they grew but never used.  This sparked a new way of looking at what we were up to and we began to look at how we 'reskill' our community - a big transition term but one which actually has significant meaning for our community.  At our 'Magic Mill' day in August, people had a chance to try some elderflower champagne and home made beer, in moderation I might add.  The result was 17 people signing up for more information, recipes and possible beer and wine making sessions.[see the picture above]

So we aren't simply going to bake and make, we are going to brew as well.  This is where the real power of the Incredible Edible message comes to the fore...our ideas were hatched over a cuppa in a garden shed, not quite up to the standard of IEtea but fairly traded at least!  Within the space of about 40 minutes, the notion of a community owned brewery was born.  In 2013, we have brewed our first serious batch.  Look what happens when you create space for people to have conversations, people who dont know each other well and perhaps only have one or two things in common.  We are creating the space for this common ground to become even more fertile.

This year we will be expanding our enterprises, looking at fruits and what we can forage from within our community.  Guinness won't be shaking in their boots yet but maybe we will make a difference within the community.  As Patrick Frew, the main man in Cloughmills says, its actually our weird way of getting people out of pubs!

Cheers to all the Incredible people out there doing wonderful things and cheers to this network which will allow us all to connect.