The Community Plate

Galvanize your community through growing and celebrating local food.

Community is at the very heart of Incredible Edible's work and  our growing patches are edible attractions to get folk going. From its inception, Incredible Edible sought to show how ordinary people can transform their own lanscapes and turned disused plots into abundant sources of healthy food.

Patches quickly grew up around Todmorden, and other towns soon followed suit. Now there are community gardens in housing associations, town squares, pubs, and even castles.

But the Incredible Edible's community work extends beyond its patches. Its about enhancing our own world's where we can, when we can. Often this is visible through community festivals, partnering with others, or supporting their events.

Other times, it can be pulling together in time of hardship such as floods or partnering with food banks. Like the founders like to say "Ask not what your town can do for you, but what you can do for your town!".