Resource Kit

A Resource Kit for Happy Volunteers

11th May 15, Tanya
Plants are one thing, people are another.....!

From attracting help to drawing up a constitution, Incredibles from across the country share their tips and tricks for keeping volunteers coming back.

the_a_to_z_to_volunteers.pdf (416.37 KB)the_a_to_z_to_volunteers.pdf (416.37 KB)

The A - Z of happy volunteers

everyone_can_be_incredible.pdf (186.83 KB)everyone_can_be_incredible.pdf (186.83 KB)

Incredible roles for everyone

what_i_wish_theyd_told_me.pdf (230.68 KB)what_i_wish_theyd_told_me.pdf (230.68 KB)

IET's Jenny Coleman look back on her incredible journey

iet_constitutiion.pdf (252.84 KB)iet_constitutiion.pdf (252.84 KB)

Knowing where you stand: an example constitution

iew_plot_share_agreement.pdf (62.45 KB)iew_plot_share_agreement.pdf (62.45 KB)

A plot share agreement template