An Incredible Weekend

25th Aug 16, Tanya
As part of our Incredible Edible Conference we are arranging a host of supporting tours and activities across the Incredible North

To make the most of a trip to the Incredible Edible Conference in Wigan on Saturday, October 29th, we are planning events across the weekend.

There are scores of fantastic groups across the North and no matter which direction you are coming from you are bound to have the chance to visit one. From farms to pubs, from cities to market towns there will be something to suit all vegetable tourists! Check out our list of groups and we will look to arrange a meet.

Or if you are an IE group and would like to host something on the Friday or Sunday, let us know how we can faciliate this, we have a small budget for supporting events. If you are an accredited Incredible Edible Group you may also qualify for a small travel busary.

IE founders, members of the current board and IE volunteers will be hosting a series of meet and greets on the Friday, to ensure you get an Incredible welcome.

The conference itself will have a range of exciting masterclasses, demos, workshops, pop up stalls, networking opportunities and of course great food. 

So get in touch and let us how to make your visit even more Incredible'r!!!

And don't forget to book your 2016 Conference ticket before they are gone!