Support our Incredible Markets

23rd Sep 16, Tanya
Pam Warhurst outlines the importance of our market places

Whenever I rack up in a town somewhere in the country I am always, without exception, reminded of how lucky I am to be involved with Incredible Edible. The conversations, the amazing things folks are doing, the laughter, the 3D plant pots!

But I'm also reminded of the reason we do it. Markets that just need more support, high streets where the only place to buy fresh fruit and juices is M&S. I've heard them called food deserts and food swamps, it amounts to the same thing, loads of food just not fresh and local.

That's why edible spaces across our town centres are so important. That's why having a helpful local council matters.

That's why demonstrating how to cook what's seasonal is a must.

The market, that's to say the big boys on the high street just aren't going to lead the way on this.

As ever it's down to us and we've loads of examples of people making a difference.