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Risky Business: Risk Assessments

2nd Jun 15, Tanya
While voluntary groups are not automatically obliged to carry out risk assessments, its good practice to carry them out.

Here is an overview of what you should think about when carrying out a risk assessment, a great example from our Incredible group in Barnard Castle, and other useful guides.

what_is_a_risk_assessment.pdf (216.82 KB)what_is_a_risk_assessment.pdf (216.82 KB)

A general introduction to Risk Assessments

risk_assessment_-_farm.xlsx (13.21 KB)risk_assessment_-_farm.xlsx (13.21 KB)

Veg Out in Barney's example risk assessment

scoring_matrix_for_rms.pdf (96.74 KB)scoring_matrix_for_rms.pdf (96.74 KB)

Veg Out in Barney's risk assessment matrix

hse_five_steps_to_risk_assessment_0.pdf (113.82 KB)hse_five_steps_to_risk_assessment_0.pdf (113.82 KB)

Five steps to Risk Assessment from the Health and Safety Executive

bristol_council_health_and_safety_support_pack_0.pdf (896.99 KB)bristol_council_health_and_safety_support_pack_0.pdf (896.99 KB)

Really helpful H&S info for groups from Bristol council