Signs of Success!

24th Apr 15, Tanya

When you actually begin to sit and contemplate what make's an incredible sign, more and more things spring to mind. In your own garden plot, a straightforward label identifying what you have grown where is often enough.

But an Incredible Edible Plot is more than that. As co-founder Pam Warhurst likes to point out these are propaganda gardens. Not in the sense that we are seeking to indoctrinate people, rather to illustrate what can be achieved in so little an area.

Picture credit: Incredible Edible UlverstonFirstly of course, you do want to demonstrate what can be grown. Many people may not have a clue what is in the patch even when it is fully grown so, as with at home, plant identification is vital. However, we need to illustrate more, and as Incredible Cloughmills recently said we need to Vegucate!

So its worth adding more information such as when can this plant be picked? How can you cook it? If unusual what does it taste like? Do you have any good recipes for it? Bring this plant to life, highlight the plant’s potentials as a food staple. Look how Kale crisps has resurrected this plant’s popularity.

Picture credit: Incredible Edible HoylakePicture credit: Incredible Edible BrighouseYou can also use your signage to spread the word about what the Incredible Edible movement is about. This veggie plot is your group’s shop window.

It is the perfect place to shout about what you are doing and who you are.

Naturally, flag up your growing work but also anything else you have going on such as fundraisers. When you have a particular campaign, such as Dig for Victory or a recruitment drive make sure your plot signage reflects this.

As importantly, it’s the perfect pin up to let folks know how they can join in. So make sure, where there is room, you include contact details or event info.

Picture Credit: Incredible Edible UlverstonThank yous
Your plot can also be a great place to recognise people’s efforts or donations. Not everyone is a grower but lots of non-green fingered folk may have helped get this plot going.

So if the Brownies look after it occasionally or the local garden centre donated a water pump, a public Thank You goes a long way. Of course, acknowledgement of those who have toiled to get the plot to its growing glory is also a winner and lets volunteers know they are valued.


You are you own sign board!
Remember when you are working on the plot or at events, this is also a chance at self-promotion through branded clothing or logo badges.

Picture credit: Incredible Edible Hoylake



Good signs feature:
1. Plant identification
2. Plant use
3. Group info
4. Promos
5. Thank yous

Of course they can also simply be beautiful to look at :)

Main  picture: courtesy of Penrith Action for Community Transition (PACT)