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2016: Incredible year for the power of small actions

13th Dec 16, Pam Warhurst

The family just keeps on growing, the stories just keep on coming, and with more than 120 towns and neighbourhoods, land armies of amazing people are hitting the streets with a trowel in their hand and a smile on their faces.

Support our Incredible Markets

23rd Sep 16, Tanya

Whenever I rack up in a town somewhere in the country I am always, without exception, reminded of how lucky I am to be involved with Incredible Edible. The conversations, the amazing things folks are doing, the laughter, the 3D plant pots!

Wellington - making a change with food

7th Mar 16, Pam Warhurst

Caught the metro into the city yesterday to do a morning round with Martin from Kaibosh. It's a great FoodRescue social enterprise that has vans that pickup 'near end of shelf life' food from cafes and supermarkets, take it all for sorting at their centre and redistribute to shelters and other hostels. Sometimes it's coffee beans, sometimes sandwiches and buns, sometimes fresh veg.

Folk are fantastic - given half a chance!

7th Mar 16, Tanya

Arrived in Riverton where one of my host's the Guyton family have an amazing forest garden, which is known throughout the country and beyond. It provided loads of ideas for the Incredible Edible heritage garden in Duke Street back home in Tod. Such a pity, that project's founder Jon wasn't here to get even more out of this experience.

Wonderful Christchurch the final episode!

23rd Feb 16, Pam Warhurst

Before I tell the tale of my day, I want to say what an honour it has been to be here in Christchurch on the five year anniversary of the earthquake that changed the face of the city and the lives of so many people. It has been a very moving day and one I shall never forget, Pam

A place of kindness and hope

20th Feb 16, Pam Warhurst

First off, ignore anything I say about what day it is, because it's probably completely wrong. But at least I now know I'm in New Zealand, so must be waking up. Wednesday was Geraldine, so told you all about that, Friday was the city of Christchurch, and I'm back there again on Monday.

So Saturday is my day to visit the coastal suburbs. And here I found myself next to the Pacific Ocean, in the wonderful Pauline and Paul's house with the peaches growing in the garden and the sun streaming through the windows. 

Philosophy and Passion: Incredible Edible Geraldine

19th Feb 16, Pam Warhurst

So what's been happening in Geraldine since I landed on Tuesday night? Lots and lots.

This town reminds me of Todmorden in a way. It has an amazing sense of community. More clubs with people sharing their passions than you could possibly imagine . Really fertile ground for what the Incredibles are doing. But interestingly, what make Incredible Edible something other than a club came out in a meeting last night when a local lady asked a perfectly reasonable question.

Inspiring Incredible Albi

30th Jan 16, Tanya

It was my first visit to an Incredible Edible French town , Albi, and I had no idea what to expect. Landed in Toulouse and was met by the lovely Jean - Michel Herbillon, the IE coordinator in France, and Henri , who is the inspiration of the local Albi group.