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Pam's Summer!!

30th Aug 17, Sara Venn

 Wherever I go people are incredible! 

And the more I speak to folks and understand what they are up to the more obvious it is 

that we need a better way of sharing our stories and experiences so we can get on faster 

and not reinvent wheels.

Went on holiday for a few days to Bologna in the north of Italy. 38 degrees! Just wandering 

around the back streets when I come across this, built by students 

and funded by Europe. Now apart from the fact you wonder why in a brilliant city like 

Chorley is Incredible!!

6th Apr 17, Sara Venn


Recently Pam was invited to speak at an event, Whats' Your story Chorley, in, not surprisingly Chorley. it's an annual event and is very much a family type event run by Chorley council. It's aims are to celebrate the written and spoken word whilst pulling people into Chorley town centre to support local businesses. with events being held all across the town it certainly was a vibrant and excting place to be. Pam said 


I thought I would start our story with a rendition of The hills are alive.... only kidding.

Pam says come to Potato Day!!

21st Mar 17, Sara Venn

Potato day comes to Wigan this Thursday . Yes I know it's a bit later than most , but folks on Wigan market and at Sunshine House, Scholes are due a real treat. 
Loads of seed potato varieties to choose from, all free to local residents plus demos on how to grow your own in tubs, tyres or tiny corners and recipes galore of great and easy meals from the humble spud.
It's first come first served on Wigan market from 12 noon and then Scholes from 3pm. 

Bring On The Spring

6th Mar 17, Sara Venn

Just started the year really. Sat in front of the fire on a Saturday morning  working out what to grow, pondering whether we will ever get the  skin back on the polytunnel and how the heck I'm going to stop those pesky pheasants eating the crops before me.
I've never pretended I was ever any good at this growing malarkey but things just start to stick after a while and despite all indications to the contrary, I might just  make a grower of myself yet.