Work With Us

Want to share our Incredible vision in a different way? Find out how to partner or support us...

There are amazing groups up and down the UK, who are not working under our banner but share our ethos. 

Our members work with others in their towns such as Groundwork, Transition Town and In Bloom.

And the Network, itself has forged strong ties with many organisations including our partners in Growing Together. We are also increasing working with housing associations, councils, school caters and youth organisations to deliver our message.

Others would like to visit us, or for us to visit them. The Network Chair and IE co-founder Pam Warhurst delivers inspiring speeches across the world, but you have to be quick if you want a booking as she is very popular!

Our widespread message, also means we feature in the press from local radio to Al Jazeera and we are happy to work with the media if you want to get in touch

So if you would like to work with us in any way, please email the Network Facilator [email protected]


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