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Incredible Songs

4th Nov 16, Tanya
If you came along to our conference, you would have hand the chance to meet the wonderous Mike Scantlebury and Jane Wood from Incredible Edible Salford, who delighted us with tunes.

If you missed it, or would like to relive the moment here are the words to the Incredbible Edible and Over and Under stongs:

Incredible Edible Song

It's incredible. It's edible. It's invaluable to me.
It's incredible. You can eat it all, and, best of all, it's free. 
Plant gardens or containers, raised beds or a bin.
And don't forget the motto: 'If you eat, you're in'. [The chorus]

Take a trip down to Todmorden. That's where it all began. 
With a garden and a rose bush, and a lady name of Pam.
She had a friend called Mary, who knew both one and all.
First task of the new project, tear down her garden wall.


Pam tells us we're not victims. We step up, we take a chance.
We can all start work tomorrow. No waiting around for grants.
Actions are most important. We strive, make our own luck.
And drop the hot potato. But don't pause to pass the buck.
We don't want walls or barriers. Remove that blocking hedge.
Eat all the pretty flowers and grow the healthy veg.
The world can't wait for planning. We need some action now.
Shout out to the beef farmer: 'Retire that ageing cow'.


Our role is education. Our plants are worth a look.
We've leaflets and a website. Pam and Jo have written a book.
They give both talks and lectures. Powerpoint and show and tell.
Your news or views or info, pass it all on to Estelle.
Let's grow a revolution, we progress with every plant.
They told us it's not possible, but we don't know words like 'Can't'.
I.E. beds have instructions. They're labelled well and signed.
And don't forget the motto: It's important to be kind.


Over and Under

If we grow our own health on a shoestring
There will always be enough
If we grow our socks on worm dog poo
There will always be enough
If we eat our weeds, let them plant their seeds
There will always be enough
If we all care for our insects and worms
There will always be enough

[full song lyrics in link below]